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Where Are The Best Places To Get Azelaic Acid?

get-azelaic-acidAzelaic acid can be purchased from a host of sources; it is up to the individual to decide which one is the best for them.

The first place that people should check if they want to purchase azelaic acid is at the local drug store. Drug stores often have a wide variety of azelaic acid creams, gels and lotions in stock. There will be a variety of prices as this is dependent on the size of the product, its concentration and if it is branded or generic.

Azelaic acid can also be purchased from a host of online websites. People can find the specific brand that they want at much cheaper prices online. If people are looking for deals, then checking online is one of the better options available. If people are looking for a specific brand, size, concentration or product, then using online retailers is their best option.

Azelaic Acid and Rosacea

Azelaic acid is known as an effective treatment for acne. It is a dietary substance that is obtained from whole grain cereal. It is known as a very effective treatment for acne and it also helps to treat inflammatory bumps and pimples. Those charactersitcs are similar to that of rosacea, so many people use it in their treatment.

How Effective is Azelaic Acid as a Treatment for Rosacea?

Azelaic acid is a very effective treatment for rosacea. There have been clinical trials that have been done to show that people who use it, 80% of them has seen significant improvement in their skin condition.  It was also noted that 77% of the individuals who use azelaic acid to treat rosacea as part of their treatment saw the condition remaining in remission and had no episodes of flare-ups in their symptoms. 42% of the individuals who did not continue with the treatment had a relapse.

The use of azelaic  acid to treat rosacea will often result in less severe pimples, papules, pustules or other skin lesions. For the treatment to work effectively it will take several weeks to months to see proper results.

Azelaic acid is also more effective when it is used alongside professional rosacea skin care regimen. Example of this is the treatment provided by the Rosacea Treatment Clinic to treat all the skin’s layers (Azelaic Acid is a largely superficial treatment). In using azelaic acid to treat rosacea it is best used when applied to the skin via lotions, gels or creams. This will allow it to be absorbed into the skin effectively. Initially it is best to apply the azelaic acid to skin every other day in the evening. As your skin gets adjusted to the formulation you should increase the frequency of use.

It is vital that individuals who use azelaic acid for their rosacea should not lapse with their treatment. The result for clean and clear skin is a result of continuous use. If done properly and used according to the recommendations and instructions, then there will be a reduction in symptoms.

It is important to note that rosacea is a progressive skin disease that takes many years to develop. There are multiple reasons why it occurs and it can only be managed and not cured.  If left untreated for a long time, then it will only get worse.

Common Side Effects in using Azelaic Acid to Treat Rosacea

There are some side effects that may occur when using azelaic acid.

  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Warming of the Skin
  • Peeling of the skin

These are just some of the common side effects related to the treatment of rosacea. Many people will tolerate them as the treatment is effective.

Side effects such as peeling of the skin can be reduced if a moisturizer is used along with the azelaic acid. The use of sunscreen can reduce some of the effects on the skin.

Even though it is generally known that azelaic acid is very good at treating rosacea there is a lot of information that shows that the treatment can rosacea skin can be irritated by it.

Typical Azelaic Acid Treatment for Rosacea

For the treatment of rosacea, certain steps should be followed to get effective results.

  • Cleansing the Skin – When starting the treatment of rosacea with azelaic acid, it is very important that people clean their skin. They should use a proper cleanser that will get rid of all of the impurities that are often contained on the skin.
  • The Various Layers of The Skin Should be Treated – Azelaic acid is very effective at treating pustules, papules and pimples. As a result of this the different layers of the skin need to be treated properly.
  • Azelaic Acid Treatment Application – Once the skin has been cleaned properly, and the various layers of the skin have been treated, then azelaic acid should be applied as a cream or a light lotion. The product should be applied once a day and should be increased once the skin becomes adjusted to it.
  • Use Sunscreen – When treating Rosacea with azelaic acid, it is important to use a sunscreen on a daily basis. This should also be done if not being treated with the acid. The reason for this is that the sun has been indentified as a major factor in the rosacea symptoms.