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Can Hair Loss Be Stopped by Azelaic Acid?

azelaic-acid-hair-lossHair loss affects millions of men and it is a condition that most wish would reverse and go away. There are many different supplements that are sold as hair loss treatments. The thing about these supplements is the fact that the large majority will not work. The reason behind this is based on the fact that there is no cure when it comes to hair loss and the results of these products will be minimal, if any at all.

Azelaic Acid & Hair Loss

Over the years many of the supplements that are used to treat hair loss often contain an active ingredient called Azelaic acid.

Azelaic Acid is a naturally occurring substance that is generally found in whole grains such as rye and barley. It is known to have anti-bacterial properties that give it the ability to clean the skin. Even though it is not approved by the FDA a hair loss treatment, Azelaic acid is known to be effective in stopping 5-Alpha-Reductase in human skin.  The theory exists that if there is less of the enzyme 5-Alpha-Reductase in the body, less Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) will be created.  DHT is considered to be the leading problem as it relates to hair loss. If DHT is minimized, the susceptible hairs won’t be as exposed and therefore hair loss will be reduced or eliminated, while hair growth will be stimulated.

Generally Azelaic acid is found in different acne prescription medications and hair loss treatments such as Provillus and Xandrox.

Final Verdict on Azelaic Acid and Hair Loss

Officially Azelaic acid has not been scientifically proven to be an effective treatment for hair loss. Because there are no clinical studies available, only educated guesses can be conducted at the effectiveness of the product in stopping hair loss.

The many different hair loss products that contain Azelaic acid as well as its ability to block DHT may suggest that there is a slight possibility that it may work when it comes to baldness. There is a theory that suggests that combining Azelaic acid with the hair growth formulation minoxidil may be a more powerful treatment for hair loss.