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Azelaic Acid and Acne Vulgaris

Azelaic acid is a natural occurring substance that is very effective at destroying bacteria that lives in the skin. It is also very good at preventing and killing the bacteria that is responsible for causing acne.
Because azelaic acid is so effective, many doctors often prescribed this medication to treat acne and prevent new outbreaks. This cream will not only destroy acne causing medication, but it will also reduce inflammation associated with the condition.
Azelaic acid is very effective at the treatment of mild to moderate acne outbreaks. It is not effective …

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Important Safety Information Related to Azelaic Acid

Below is a list of the important safety information that is associated with the use of Azelaic acid.

It may take a few weeks before Azelaic Acid Cream will begin to work. If you have been taking it for over a month and their symptoms have gotten worse, then you should consult with a doctor.
Azelaic Acid is designated to be used on the skin only. You should not apply the cream to the eyes, mouth or …

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Want to Get Rid of Ance, Use Azelaic Acid

For people who suffer from acne, getting rid of it is not an easy task. Dermatologists have spent countless years researching various ingredients trying to come up with the perfect solution for acne. There is no cure for acne, however there are certain products that can be used to effectively reduce outbreaks. One of these products is Azelaic Acid.
Azelaic acid is derived naturally from plants such as barley, wheat and rye. The acid, when used, acts as a natural antiseptic that has been shown to be extremely effective in destroying …

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Video: Azelaic Acid for The Treatment of Rosacea

This is an introductory video that will look at the use of Azelaic Acid for the treatment of Rosacea. The doctor will explain what the skin condition rosacea is and then delve into why this acid is effective in treating it. She gives a brief instructions indicating the best way to use the product.
If you are new to the use of Azelaic acid in the treatment of rosacea, then it is a good idea to take a look at this particular video.

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Video: What is Azelaic Acid?

If you want to know what Azelaic Acid is, this board certified doctor will give a quick breakdown of the product. She will explain what Azelaic Acid is and what it is used for. She will also focus on the two main products that were developed based on Azelaic Acid. She will look at Azelax and explain why it was not as successive in the past. She will also analyze the use of Finacea and give the reasons as to why it has been so successful.